The RePORT-Brazil Biorepository presently occupies an area of 24 m2 divided into 2 rooms located in the Bahia Rehabilitation Institute (IBR). The IBR has been owned by the José Silveira Foundation since 2005 and it has 2 floors with 100 rooms, 4700 m2 space in total. The Biorepository has one computer with high speed internet; one printer; one class II B2 cabinet; nine -80 ºC freezers (with a capacity of 290,000 2mL specimen samples, including 12,100 10mL PAXgene tubes); 2 nitrogen tanks (10,000 2mL samples and 4,000 2mL samples); 2 air-conditioners to maintain the storage temperature at 22ºC and one generator 22kva for emergency electric source failure. The computer is linked to the freezers, which monitor temperature 24/7 and send alarms to alert people of temperature variations. Recently, a backup system that injects CO2 into the freezers in the Biorepository has been purchased and is now part of our contingency plan, in case the backup generators do not work or run out of diesel fuel. We track and monitor all specimens through FreezerPRO, a web-based software that provides access to sample information from anywhere in the world.

Currently, we have over 225,000 specimens stored at our Biorepository, linked to clinical, epidemiological and laboratory data in the REDCap-RePORT-Brazil database.