Salvador site

Salvador, Bahia

Unit of the José Silveira Foundation (FJS) (, a non-profit institution, the Brazilian Tuberculosis Research Institute (IBIT) was founded in 1937, in the state of Bahia / Brazil, and accredited by the government as a TB treatment center. The doctor and Professor José Silveira, founder of IBIT, created a research program on tuberculosis that included participation in the research of primary drugs and drug schemes against tuberculosis. Currently, FJS / IBIT serves as a reference center for primary TB care and annually treats 10 to 15% of TB cases in the city of Salvador. This Institute is part of the National TB Control Program and follows all guidelines and recommendations from the Brazilian Society of Pulmonology and Tisiology, which are similar to WHO recommendations.

IBIT is located close to other FJS buildings. It has 4 rooms for clinical evaluations, two for nursing procedures, one for social support, an auditorium (76 seats), two meeting rooms, a research center, a room for food distribution, a waiting room, a clinical analysis laboratory, a mycobacteriology reference laboratory, 1 induced sputum collection room, sample collection room, spontaneous sputum collection room and IT technical support.  With a comprehensive patient support model aligned with the National Tuberculosis Control Program, IBIT provides medical assistance in the areas of pneumology, tisiology, pediatrics and general medicine clinic, in addition to nutritional care, nursing and social work. Such procedures ensure cure rates for patients with tuberculosis above 88% over the last 10 years. For the benefit of patients, IBIT also develops social support, nutritional monitoring and food supplementation, regularly distributing soy bread, soy milk and basic food baskets.

The Research and Innovation Center is a structured unit with administrative and meeting room, space for file storage, monitor research participants, holding a team of medical researchers to support data analysis, study coordinators and research nurses. The research team is qualified to carry clinical and basic research in several areas, mainly in tuberculosis. Since its creation, the Research Center has been conducting or supporting several research projects on tuberculosis, arthritic diseases and in recent years it has carried out several international collaborations, resulting in scientific publications of international relevance.

  • First participant recruited in June 2016

    Bruno Bezerril Andrade, MD PhD

  • Population: DS-TB and TB close-contacts
  • Enrolled 583 participants to date (273 TB cases and 310 close contacts)
  • Micro Lab and Research Center: IBIT, FJS / Immuno Lab: IGM, Fiocruz-BA
  • Data analysis center: MONSTER

Research and Innovation Center, IBIT – Salvador

RePORT-Brazil PI: Bruno de Bezerril Andrade
Research center coordinator: Eduardo M. Netto
Research coordinator: Michael Rocha
Research nurse: Vanessa Nascimento
Research Physician: Betânia Nogueira

Microbiology Laboratory, IBIT – Salvador

  • Collaborator: Saulo Santos

    Collaborator Saulo Santos

  • Lab is responsible for processing all samples from the IBIT site
    • Over 270 TB patients from RePORT, with samples collected at Baseline, M1, M2 and end of treatment.
  • Evaluated by SMILE since 2013 (for RePORT)
  • External (SMILE, Westat) and internal (Lourenço) monitoring visits

Immunology and Molecular Biology Laboratory, IGM-FIOCRUZ Bahia

The Investigative Medicine Unit (IMU) is an advanced laboratory within the Inflammation and Biomarkers Laboratory (LIB) of the Gonçalo Moniz Institute (IGM), Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (FIOCRUZ), located in Salvador.

  • Immunology Coordinator: Alice Andrade
  • Immunology Technician: Hayna Malta
  • Molecular Biology Coordinator: Juan Cubillos
  • Molecular Biology Technician: Laise de Moraes
  • Lab is responsible for processing all samples from the IBIT site
    • Over 580 participants from RePORT, with samples collected at Baseline, M1, M2 and end of treatment.
    • PBMCs and QuantiFERON, as well as plasma, urine, RNA, etc.
  • Evaluated by Duke University since June 2015
  • QuantiFERON training
  • External (Westat) monitoring visits

MONSTER Initiative at IGM FIOCRUZ – Bahia

Multinational Organization Network Sponsoring Translational and Epidemiological Research (MONSTER) is responsible for most of data processing and analysis for RePORT-Brazil and other RePORT networks.

Principal Investigator: Bruno de Bezerril Andrade
Data Analysts: Artur Trancoso, Kiyosh Fukutani, Beatriz Duarte and Mariana Araujo Pereira
Associate Researcher (TB-RICC) and data analyst: Maria Arriaga
Administrative support: Elze Leite (Project Manager)
Consultants: Helder Nakaya and Ricardo Khouri